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Address: Department of Computer Science
             Durham University
             Mathematical Sciences & Computer Science Building
             Upper Mountjoy Campus
             Stockton Road
             DH1 3LE

Office:   MCS 2064
Tel:       + 44 (0)191 33 41723
Email:   daniel.paulusma@durham.ac.uk

Professor, Head of the Algorithms and Complexity research group (ACiD)


I was an Assistant Professor at the University of Twente (2001-2004) where I obtained my PhD degree in 2001 and Master's degree in 1997. I moved to Durham in 2004, where I had positions as Lecturer (2004-2011), Senior Lecturer (2011-2013) and Reader (2013-2015) before becoming Professor in 2015. I was Director of Research for the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences (2014-2017).


My main interests lie in graph theory and algorithms, computational complexity and cooperative game theory. In particular I consider the computational complexity of graph problems under input restrictions. I have written several survey papers on graph colouring for special graph classes (see here, here and here) and clique-width for hereditary graph classes (see here). My recent work in game theory involves kidney exchange, matching games, and voting games.

Here is a full list of my papers; see also my profiles on Google Scholar and dblp.

Preprints of most of my papers are available on arXiv (see also Durham Research Online but note that some recent papers may be under a temporary publisher-imposed embargo).



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In 2022-2023 I teach the following module:

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